Mutual non-disclosure agreements are used by many organisations to define how information can be shared in a business relationship.  This demo shows how an automated template can include optional and custom clauses alongside standard clauses.  As well as demonstrating document automation, this demo includes e-signing, using multiple steps to complete a workflow, on-screen alerts and email notifications.

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Party A Organisation*

Party A is generally the client wishing to bind the supplier to keep their secrets.  However both parties are equally liable in this agreement

Party A Address *

This will appear in a sentance so use commas to break up the address 

Party A Company Number*

Although called Company Number, these can contain alphanumerics

Party A Representative Name*

This is the full name of the contact at the client, not including their title

Party A Sign HereSign Here
Party B Organisation*
Party B Address *
Party B Company Number*
Party B Representative Name*

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