Practice Automation Programme
Identify and deliver automation opportunities within your law firm
How can law firms realise the benefits of automation quickly and with minimal risk?  The Practice Automation Programme will identify where to start and deliver a custom solution including services, hosting and software.
Where to start?
The programme will identify the first practice and process for automation based on current use of templates & variations; the type of work; the type of clients; the volume of data generated per matter and the ability to quantify success.
Project Delivery
Our consultants map matter based processes and help automate communications and contracts through staff interviews; process mapping software; custom databases and hands-on document automation and training
Meet your Goals
Firms need to increase profitability, reduce risk, increase quality and create reasons for clients to choose them over their competitors. The programme will identify the KPI's to guide the project and measure success.
Results in weeks 
Sysero provides all the software and services required to deliver departmental and firm wide intranet/extranet solutions including custom databases with text searching; shared templates; MS Office software and real-time auditing and monitoring.
What is included?
End-to-end solution
Initial meeting
Automation Audit
Fixed price quotation
Development of KPI's
Solution delivery
Fixed term hosting

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