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For organisations that need to do more with documents

Sysero is for organisations that want to ensure they are producing consistent, relevant and accurate documents in the most cost-effective way.

Sysero for Office delivers questionnaire driven templates and guidance to users of MS Word. PowerPoint, Excel & Outlook users can also benefit from libraries of templates, advice and reference materials that have been approved for use by internal subject matter experts.

Sysero Template Builder provides anyone with moderate MS Word skills a tool to automate documents and Sysero’s Workflow Designer can create GDPR compliant processes with online forms, documents, alerts and reminders.

Enterprise Strength Automation & Workflow

Automate Documents

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Automate Documents

If you understand Mail Merge, you will be able to automate documents with Sysero. Replacing text with fields automatically creates web pages that create documents. Enhance the experience by providing Sysero with a list of choices that add selected paragraphs to the document each time it’s downloaded. Choice Dependent Text is fully compatible with Word Autonumbering, table of contents and even cross referencing and footnotes.

Process Mapping

Workflows take Document Automation to the next level. The Sysero Workflow Designer allows multiple documents to be sent to the right people as email attachments, approvals to be granted using secured web pages, notifications to be sent if tasks are not completed and progress to be monitored and recorded. Sysero Workflows can be used to approve document content, capture compliance documents such as ID and guide clients and business partners through complex processes that may run for days or even years. Stored data can be encrypted and personal data removed to help meet GDPR requirements and reduce the risk of storing data.

Build Knowledge Libraries

Automating documents and workflows requires access to well managed content. Building a Knowledge Library requires a good search engine, unlimited classification possibilities, content approval workflows and integration with Microsoft Office applications. Sysero Knowledge Libraries are secure, customisable, fast and easy to use. Any Word documents in the library can be augmented with on-screen drafting notes and health warnings, and can be used as static templates from within MS Word or fully automated with Sysero Template Builder.

Reinventing client service through automation

As one of Sweden's premier law firms, Vinge understand the importance of creating efficient, quality-controlled content. See how the firm is transforming its delivery process with automated documents and workflows.

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