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Document Workflow Automation (DWA) can increase the productivity and quality of delivery of most services within a modern business.  By using subject matter experts to train software, DWA can automate the process of creating emails, documents, policies, contracts, notifications, approvals and archiving.

Sysero is working with organisations across the globe to automate processes such as managing the legal aspects of company mergers and acquisitions; ensuring compliance with Know Your Client and Anti-money Laundering regulations; managing sensitive processes such as hiring and firing; imposing standards in supply chain management and many more high value processes

Sysero is a single vendor web platform to build knowledgebases, automate documents and deliver complete business processes in an end-to-end workflow solution.

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Automate with Sysero Template Builder

Sysero Template Builder is an MS Word extension that converts standard Word documents into dynamic templates by replacing names with placeholders and identifying conditional text. Without any programming or scripting, Sysero generates web questionnaires that can create new documents using just a web browser.  Subject Matter Experts with minimal Word skills can mark-up documents adding context sensitive help text to guide non-experts through the document creation process.

Deliver with Sysero Workflow Builder

Sysero Workflow Builder is a simple graphical tool for modelling business processes that need to follow a set procedure.  Using decisions and actions, processes can include capturing information with forms and questionnaires, using that information to create documents and send emails, display alerts and send notifications and schedule timed reminders. All actions are recorded and available for reporting and auditing.  To aid GDPR compliance, transactional documents are never held in the system and personal data can be encrypted and anonymised within pre-defined retention policies.

Learn with Sysero Knowledge Builder

Knowledgebases, also known as knowledge libraries, are fuel that drives DWA and they contain the templates, advice, checklists, drafting notes and reference sources people need to perform their jobs.  Knowledgebase content can be approved, tagged and managed with Sysero Knowledge Builder which integrates with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even Outlook to allow direct population and editing inside the MS Office suite.  Customisable approval workflows and expiry rules ensures the library maintains an organisation’s Intellectual Property.

Reinventing client service through automation

As one of Sweden's premier law firms, Vinge understand the importance of creating efficient, quality-controlled content. See how the firm is transforming its delivery process with automated documents and workflows.

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