Knowledge Management

Easily and quickly capture, manage and share know-how across the firm.

Law firms are built on the knowledge and expertise embedded within their people. Sysero's Knowledge Library makes it easy to optimise valuable know-how across the firm to ensure you deliver the most up-to-date and quality advice to clients. 

Improve access to quality knowledge and expertise.

With Sysero’s Knowledge Library, you can create a centralised repository for references, templates, transactional checklists and other knowledge assets. A single interface allows lawyers to easily leverage the collective knowledge of the firm.

Harness expertise

Prevent knowledge leakage and put the firm’s vast bank of know-how to use.

Increase productivity

Make it easier for lawyers to quickly access the knowledge they need.

Ensure quality

Provide access to quality expertise across the firm.

Enhance collaboration

Quickly and easily share knowledge amongst lawyers and teams.

Knowledge stored the way you work.

Build and share an in-house library of the firm's know-how

Search using text, classifications, authors and status using your browser or from within Microsoft Word

Implement a practice-based quality management procedure to ensure continual maintainance of the firm's IP store, complete with usage reporting

Provide guidance through context-based search tools, on-screen drafting notes, clause validation and quality warnings

"Sysero is one of the legal world's best knowledge management systems."

- Kate Buttrey, Head of Knowledge Management

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