Become a partner in GDPR planning.

More than two-thirds of companies globally will review their business strategies ahead of GDPR, which comes into effect in May 2018. This presents a unique opportunity for law firms to proactively advise clients, garner new business and differentiate themselves through innovative service.

GDPR Go enables law firms to offer clients a simple and effective way of preparing for GDPR compliance. The easy-to-use online assessment tool allows clients to create detailed legal action plans that pave the path to compliance in partnership with the firm. Once work commences, clients can track and monitor their progress towards compliance.


Showcase your expertise. Drum up new business.

Uncover new opportunities

Automatically uncover potential GDPR-related opportunities.

Build client relationships

Enhance relationships by offering proactive advise and value.

Stand out from the pack

Distinguish your firm through innovative, value-driven service.

Advise with confidence

Rest assured you’ve examined all scenarios and situations.

How it works.

Launch assessment tool

GDPR Go provides law firms with a customisable online assessment tool, including a detailed questionnaire framework.

Capture client data

Clients fill out the online questionnaire with information on how their organisation currently collects and stores personal data.

Generate GDPR assessment

A personalised GDPR legal assessment and action plan is automatically generated based on client answers.

Monitor compliance progress

As clients progress their efforts towards compliance, they can track and monitor the work completed with the firm.

Learn more.

GDPR Go is already available for current Sysero clients as a complimentary offering. If you’re new to Sysero, and interested in learning more, contact us.

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