iManage Knowledge Migration

Easily transfer knowledge between iManage and Sysero.

Your work product is an integral part of your knowledge system. That's why we make it as easy as possible to share documents between iManage Work and Sysero. Our iManage Knowledge Migration service enables you to seamlessly connect your Sysero and iManage systems to make document and knowledge management as simple as possible.

Firms that currently use iManage Work can streamline their Sysero technology implementation by importing key documents and templates from iManage to be used within Sysero. Alternatively, final work product created within Sysero can be automatically stored and filed within iManage.

Streamline your Sysero implementation with a simple click.

Use your current knowledge documents as a starting point for your new Sysero system. Our iManage extension enables users to easily copy individual files or folders from iManage for use in Sysero. On the other hand, knowledge documents can be importing collectively using a bulk export process managed by a dedicated Sysero consultant.

Import only the content you want, and use.

When it comes to content, quality is crucial. We can help you determine which documents to import from iManage to ensure you only bring over content that's important. As part of our iManage Knowledge Migration service, we can run a Document Reuse Report to uncover which documents knowledge teams are using and how often they use them. This information can be used to selectively choose which documents from iManage to transfer to Sysero to maintain a high standard of quality from the start.

Store final work product in iManage.

Any work product created in Sysero can filed and stored within iManage. The Sysero Business Process Designer also can be configured to automatically send completed work documents from Sysero to iManage to streamline workflow. Once in iManage, lawyers can access files, along with other matter related files, from anywhere on any device.

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