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Client Intake & Compliance

Seamlessly manage risk while on-boarding new business

Sysero’s Client Intake & Compliance solution enables firms to streamline their client intake and clearance processes, while reducing compliance risk. Sysero enables firm to create a customised business acceptance process that automatically assesses the risk of new business and consistently evaluates potential conflicts.

The system includes an integration platform that allows data from CRM and Accounts systems, websites and calendars to be combined into a web application that can be used to create dynamic sales proposals.

Automatically address compliance when accepting new business.

Increase Efficiency

Streamline management of the client intake process.

Reduce Risk

Proactively address and ensure compliance.

Accelerate Acceptance

Reduce the time required to review conflicts and accept new business.

Gain Greater Transparency

Gain a deeper understanding of your clients and their needs.

Accelerate and ensure compliance through automation

Easily capture client details through user-friendly online forms

Score clients based on a pre-defined set of rules determined by your firm’s priorities

Automatically escalate high-risk clients for immediate review

Integrate with core internal systems, such as accounting or companies house information 

“Our field of business has not changed much in the past decades, but now there is pressure from the clients’ side to enhance our working methods even further. Automation is one important step in that direction.”

- Carola Lindholm, Partner,

Castren & Snellmen

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