Sysero for
Business Development

Expertise databases, proposal generation, project management and client portals

Law firms sell expertise and advice, but in larger law firms how does a Business Developer access and use this expertise?  Sysero can be used to build a knowledge bank of model documents, case studies and bibles to allow BD’s to research their client’s needs, locate examples of work, and identify the individuals behind them.

The system includes an integration platform that allows data from CRM and Accounts systems, websites and calendars to be combined into a web application that can be used to create dynamic sales proposals.

Provide responsive service options to your client.

Proposal Generation

Including case studies, photos and biographies of the bid teams, availability, rates and cost estimates.

Expertise Databases

Searchable databases of bid teams, case descriptions and relevant industry information.

Project Management

Get latest availability, billing rates, photos and biographies using Sysero’s integration features.  Manage delivery using on-line Gantt Charts

Client Portals

Password-controlled access to create customised, data-complete contracts, ready for checking by your lawyers.

Automated proposals, automated advice, automated documents

Faster selling, faster delivery, better service

Automate your models or automate your clients models - tie in your client

Charge by the document or as a subscription

Provide for free but charge for advice and checking 

“Our field of business has not changed much in the past decades, but now there is pressure from the clients’ side to enhance our working methods even further. Automation is one important step in that direction.”

- Carola Lindholm, Partner,

Castren & Snellmen

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