On-line databases with full-text searching, unlimited metadata and workflow

Work in-house or share with clients

Traditional knowledgebases contain documents and files. Sysero knowledgebases can also contain forms that can generate documents to provide customised advice, create policies and contracts, and even start business processes. Internal staff and external clients and business partners can browse and search collections to create employment contracts and policies, corporate announcements, property contracts, data protection agreements and more.

Store and publish data and documents with full GDPR compliance

Everything in Sysero starts and ends in a knowledgebase. Knowledgebases can hold documents, automated templates, spreadsheets, pdfs or just data. They support unlimited metadata in text, number, date and Boolean formats, as well as more exotic data types including HTML, taxonomy, signatures and externally connected. Indexed with Lucene, probably the world’s most popular search engine, they provide folder browsing, Boolean and facetted searching, custom sorting, previewing of most document types, automatic OCR of pdfs, security down to field level, encryption, anonymisation and pseudonymisation and customisable approval workflows.

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