iManage Template Management

Easily Manage Templates with Sysero and iManage Work 10

iManage Work 10 offers law firms an easy way to access work product by providing a consistent web-based experience across multiple devices. As work product moves online, firms will need to replace macro-based templates with user-friendly web forms.

With Sysero, firms can easily create documents via online forms and save the final work product directly to iManage Work 10. Sysero also can be integrated with the firm’s CRM, PMS and external data sources to provide a comprehensive template management solution. Read more..

Template Management for iManage Work 10

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Template Management Made Easy

Sysero’s easy-to-use mark-up tool enables you to quickly automate complex legal documents without requiring any programmers. Users can access templates directly from the Microsoft Word ribbon where they can customise their template list view, or from within the iManage environment, which enables them to automatically save documents to the correct folder. With Sysero’s Data Action Framework, contact data from the firm’s CRM can also be ported over for inclusion in documents and contracts.

Access templates anywhere

Access templates from anywhere, on any device. Sysero's web-based authentication enables any iManage user to seamlessly create documents on any device with a single login. The iManage security settings are carried over with the template, which allows documents to be easily created and stored without having to access Microsoft Word.

Advanced Document Automation

Unlike traditional templates, which are created by developers, Sysero Template Builder is used by Subject Matter Experts to automate some of the world’s most complex documents. The same tool used to create templates can be extended to automate complex transactional processes or automate entire packages of documents. Read more..

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