Sysero Workflow Automation

Transform and streamline core business processes with workflow automation


Increase productivity and complete day-to-day business activities faster than before.


Transform manual, time-consuming processes into streamlined, efficient workflows.


Embed best practices and compliance into everyday workflows to mitigate risk.

Enterprise Strength Document Workflow Automation

Automate Documents
Design Workflows
Build Libraries
Integration Framework
Compatible with Office

Document Production

Quickly and easily create documents - or document bundles - with Sysero’s document production workflow. By automating time-intensive and manual document processes, your firm can improve efficiency, reduce risk, and ensure consistent document quality. Build fully customised document production workflows and drive streamlined document creation for your organisation. Unlike manual document production, a well-organised automated document workflow can speed document creation, ensure compliance, and create better quality documents. Read more..

KYC/AML Workflows

Use Sysero’s KYC/AML workflows to streamline the client intake process and implement a better way to capture crucial client details. Personalised web-based forms eliminate the need for paper-based client intake forms and customisable risk management workflows allow you to quickly and easily verify and accept new clients, all whilst ensuring compliance with KYC and AML regulations. Customise your workflow to meet your specific requirements and level of risk. Read more..

Knowledge Management Workflows

With Sysero’s Knowledge Management Workflows, you can use customisable workflows to capture, share, manage, and maintain your organisation’s shared knowledge. Gatekeeper, escalation, and review workflows allow you to create an automated framework for ensuring knowledge is kept up-to-date and relevant across the organisation. Read more..

Risk and Compliance

Take control of your risk and compliance with Sysero’s Risk and Compliance Workflows. These customisable workflows enable you to embed compliance into every day processes across your organisation and minimise compliance-related risks. They can also be used to enforce your organisation’s data protection policies and ensure your organisation stays compliant - no matter where your staff is working. Read more..

Client Workflow Portals

Sysero’s Client Workflow Portals provide you with a better way of working with your clients. Design custom online forms to capture key client data, start new transactions, collect compliance information or provide access to basic documents. This information can be then quickly routed to relevant staff and to create customised documents. The result is increased productivity, better work quality, and enhanced collaboration with your clients. Read more..

Reinventing client service through automation

As one of Sweden's premier law firms, Vinge understand the importance of creating efficient, quality-controlled content. See how the firm is transforming its delivery process with automated documents and workflows.

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