Document Automation

Sysero Template Builder can be used by anyone to automate documents

Document Automation

If you need to send detailed correspondence, instructions, advice or legal contracts on a regular basis, Document Automation can have a dramatic effect on your productivity. As well as significantly reducing drafting time, automation reduces the risk of errors and missed details, improving the quality of your written communications. Sysero Template Builder is an extension to Microsoft Word that turns documents into web pages that you, your colleagues and even your business partners can use to create perfect documents. Even after publishing, the original Word file can be downloaded, edited and re-published, allowing a process of continuous improvement for your most important documents.

Quick and Easy

If you understand Mail Merge, you will be able to automate documents with Sysero. Replacing text with fields automatically creates web pages that create documents. Enhance the experience by providing Sysero with a list of choices that add selected paragraphs to the document each time it’s downloaded. Choice Dependent Text is fully compatible with Word Autonumbering, table of contents and even cross referencing and footnotes.

Since partnering with Sysero, I can see the enthusiasm growing amongst our lawyers. This is a much more fun way of working..

Paula Aura, Knowledge Manager

Key Features

Easy to use The automation tool is an extension to MS Word and any existing Word document can be automated (must be in docx format)
No coding No IF’s, no brackets, no scripting
Add fields in a click Click on a word to turn it into a field. Rename the field, add help text and set default values easily
Auto-form creation Sysero creates a beautiful web form for your users to create their own documents. You can edit the form in the Automation Tool
Simple prototyping and testing Click the Automation tool to edit the form, add some data and view the automated document instantly. Test data is saved across editing sessions
Version roll-back Each uploaded session creates a new version, allowing for rollbacks
Field validation Check that the automation has all the tags it needs
Choice dependent text Create a choice, add options, select the text for each option by highlighting
Auto numbering Supports word auto-numbering and re-calculates clause numbers, pages and tables of contents
Repeaters Collect information on multiple people or items and display in a formatted sentence, table or list
Document Packs Add documents to an existing automation to share fields and data across documents
Calculations, totals and counts Add fields that support maths and concatenation, calculate the total of a number of items in a repeater or show the count of items in a repeater

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