Process Mapping & Workflow Automation

Design business processes with document libraries, decisions, notifications and alerts

Business Process Design

Workflows are modelled by subject matter experts to guide in-house staff, business partners and clients through a series of stages, often producing data rich documents and storing them in document libraries. Workflows can run for days and may extend to months with timed reminders and branded notifications being delivered as data driven documents and emails. Combining Sysero’s Business Process Designer, Template and Library builder provides a single platform to build and deliver end-to-end business solutions running in-house or on the Cloud.

The complete solution

Workflows take Document Automation to the next level. The Sysero Workflow Designer allows multiple documents to be sent to the right people as email attachments, approvals to be granted using secured web pages, notifications to be sent if tasks are not completed and progress to be monitored and recorded. Sysero Workflows can be used to approve document content, capture compliance documents such as ID and guide clients and business partners through complex processes that may run for days or even years. Stored data can be encrypted and personal data removed to help meet GDPR requirements and reduce the risk of storing data.

Our field of business has not changed much in the past decades, but now there is pressure from the clients’ side to enhance our working methods even further.

Carola Lindholm, Partner at Law Firm

Key Features

Instant deployment Once a workflow has been designed it can be used immediately
Forms Forms can be designed and edited within a web browser and are created automatically when automating a document
People and Roles Actions can be assigned to email addresses (external notifications), groups of Registered Users or Roles
Actions Workflows are designed using a drag and drop flowchart editor which supports Actions which include: Stages, decisions, email notifications, pop-up and full screen alerts, e-signatures, automated and non-automated documents
Uploading Documents Workflows support an unlimited number of document that can be attached to each running workflow. Uploaded documents are full text indexed (and OCR’d if necessary)
Data Libraries When a workflow is run it is saved in a Sysero library which supports all the features of the Knowledge Library
Automating Documents A workflow can produce an unlimited number of documents automatically
Pending Versions Edits to workflows can be staged to allow testing before final deployment if needed
Document Packs Add documents to an existing automation to share fields and data across documents

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