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Sysero workflows can be used to pass information from one system to another or they can collect large amounts of information that needs to be stored and retrieved. Data collected during a workflow can be complex and locating the resultant information might need a combination of searching and filtering. Documents and emails collected during a Sysero workflow are full-text indexed providing database designers with a full-spectrum of search options.

Sysero workflows are backed by databases and libraries that can use an unlimited number of fields searchable in multiple languages. Using an industry leading open-source search engine, Sysero provides super-fast searching and filtering of the most complex databases.

Create web-based Databases & Libraries in minutes

Sysero’s web-based forms & search designer allows databases and libraries to be designed within a single, easy-to-use interface. Simply add fields, choice lists, help text and sections to create a database that can be published and available instantly. Using a flexible layout, databases can be accessed using any web-enabled device and Sysero for Office provides searching and uploading directly from the Microsoft Office suite.

Libraries and DMS integration

As well as storing an unlimited number of fields, all Sysero databases can be used as libraries. Files can be uploaded from within Microsoft Office apps; using drag and drop from folders; or from industry leading Document and Content Management Systems.

Many library applications need to use workflow and complex metadata but require files to be uploaded and stored in an organisations Document Management System. Files held in Sysero can also be stored in many popular DMS, providing the benefits of advanced indexing with the convenience of holding a single copy of any documentation.

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