Encryption and Security

Rest assured that your data is secure and protected

Built-In Data Security

Sysero offers best-in-class data security that ensures your data is stored and maintained in a secure, compliant manner. With Sysero, you can embed compliance into every day processes to minimise compliance risk and enforce compliant behaviours.

Data Encryption

Personal data that’s entered into Sysero can be encoded and configured so that it’s only visible to specific users. The encrypted data appears scrambled or unreadable to an individual or entity attempting to access the data without permission.


The process of pseudonymisation adds an additional layer of security to protect sensitive data. The process involves replacing the most identifying fields within a data record, such as Social Security Number, with artificial identifiers. This ensures that even if stolen, data cannot be directly associated with an identity.

Data Sanitization

One of the key principles of UK and EU GDPR and data security in general is to not hold data any longer than required. As part of Sysero’s workflows, data can be assigned an expiration date to ensure it’s removed once it’s served its purpose. The same concept can also be applied to documents and transactions to comply with regulations.

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