Hybrid Workflows

Modernise workflows with cloud-native interfaces and enable seamless information sharing between private and public clouds

Build Hybrid Cloud Workflows with Sysero

With Sysero’s hybrid cloud solution, you can bring your business-critical workflows to the hybrid cloud. Start your workflow by capturing critical information from clients and other business partners via intuitive, web-based forms hosted on the public cloud. This information can then be transferred to your firm’s private cloud for storage, either at the click of a button or on a predetermined schedule. Once the data has been migrated to your private cloud, it’s then permanently removed from the public cloud - ensuring it’s safe, secure, and compliant.

Foster Agile Information Sharing

By running Sysero workflows in a hybrid cloud environment, your firm can create an agile data sharing solution that digitises workflows - including those requiring signatures - and allows users to automate processes in a single simple, secure solution. Your firm not only gains the flexibility of the public cloud, but also the robust security of an on-premise data centre to protect sensitive data.

Better Collaboration and Security

Sysero’s hybrid cloud workflows allow you to work closer with your clients through the public cloud, whilst maintaining client privacy. By enabling clients and business partners to provide their own information through secure online forms, you can rest assured that the information is reliable, while simultaneously providing tighter security around their personal data.

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