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Summary: Most law firms need to share information internally, as well as externally. The latest Sysero update makes it easier for firms to share external data outside their organisations, while keeping their internal data in-house.
Publish Date: Nov 2017

Summary: Law firms must assume greater accountability for compliance and security, especially those doing substantial transactional work. Fortunately, advances in knowledge automation are reinventing how law firms can ensure compliance and mitigate risk.
Publish Date: Nov 2017

Summary: It’s no secret that the Nordic countries are trendsetters when it comes to technological innovation. So, it should be no surprise that the Nordics’ also are leading the way in reinventing legal services.
Publish Date: Nov 2017

Summary: The decision to host technology solutions on premise or within the cloud can be daunting for today’s law firms. While on-premise servers offer increased security and integration, cloud solutions also have their advantages.
Publish Date: Oct 2017

Summary: While GDPR presents a host of challenges for businesses, it opens a world of potential for law firms. In a recent webinar, Phil Ayton, Director of Sysero, explored how law firms can turn GDPR into an opportunity for client development by proactively addressing compliance through technology.
Publish Date: Oct 2017

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