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Summary: Though automation is a ‘hot’ topic among today’s law firms, many firms have yet to determine how best to implement automation within their firms.
Resource Type: Blog
Publish Date: Apr 2018
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Summary: Law firms must assume greater accountability for compliance and security, especially those doing substantial transactional work. Fortunately, advances in knowledge automation are reinventing how law firms can ensure compliance and mitigate risk.
Resource Type: Blog
Publish Date: Nov 2017
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Summary: By the nature of the business, law firms are defined by specialist knowledge and expertise. Yet, that knowledge often exists in disparate, unsystematic environments with the firm. As external pressures mount, using advanced automation technologies will help firms integrate valuable intelligence into core business activities to streamline and innovative service delivery.
Resource Type: Blog
Publish Date: Sept 2017

Summary: Client-driven demands, increased competition, and market consolidation have accelerated a shift towards the automation of knowledge work within law firms.
Resource Type: Blog
Publish Date: June 2017

Summary: Over the past couple of years, there’s been a lot of chatter about lawyers being replaced by AI and automation. Though there’s a romantic notion of AI being able to replace all lawyers, it’s far from reality. The truth is, no AI currently available for law firms can master a law firm’s complex challenges without human input. Perhaps more importantly, firms should not wish to remove the human element.
Resource Type: Blog
Publish Date: May 2017

Summary: At a recent KM event I saw several large firms showing SharePoint Intranets to their colleagues in the legal community. Each intranet had a home page full of links to various resources, menus customised to the user’s specialism, and a search box....
Resource Type: Blog
Publish Date: Nov 2016
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Summary: In 2016 we heard a lot about Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and self-driving cars. As the year wore on it reached a fever pitch in the summer with article after article discussing the mass job losses and how society needs to learn to cope under our new robot overlords.
Resource Type: Blog
Publish Date: Jan 2017
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