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Summary: We’re pleased to announce the launch of Responsive TM, a new design layout now available for Sysero systems.
Resource Type: Blog
Publish Date: Jul 2018
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Summary: We’re excited to announce the release of Sysero’s iManage Work 10 Template Management solution. New enhancements and integrated design makes it easier to build documents via online forms, without having to leave the iManage environment.
Resource Type: Blog
Publish Date: May 2018
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Summary: Most law firms need to share information internally, as well as externally. The latest Sysero update makes it easier for firms to share external data outside their organisations, while keeping their internal data in-house.
Resource Type: Blog
Publish Date: Nov 2017
Summary: E-signing poses ample challenges, but also opportunities for today's law firms.
Resource Type: Blog
Publish Date: May 2017
Summary: We’re excited to announce the launch of Sysero E-Sign, a new feature that powers end-to-end digital signature and contract management – all from within Microsoft Office.
Resource Type: Blog
Publish Date: Feb 2017
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Summary: Many clients want to provide fee earners with a filtered view of their knowledge library promoting documents, articles and links classified specifically for their Practice. We call these Landing Pages and are easily configured. Any item in the library can be classified by one or more Practice areas. Similarly, your internal IT can add the Practice area as part of each user’s network profile. Sysero can match these and filter the default view for each user to match their Practice. This doesn’t prevent them from searching in other Practice areas but does provide a filtered view that matches the users work profile.
Resource Type: Blog
Publish Date: Sep 2016
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Summary: Most knowledge staff know a little about Boolean searching. However, as the world’s largest search engine only has limited support for Boolean operators, most law firm users do not appreciate they have this capability in their knowledge system. Sysero automatically adds an OR between words when searching meaning that results may contain any of the words in the search. By typing an AND in uppercase between the search words, the number of results is reduced significantly as each result must contain all the words. However, the real power is using the NOT operator. This can be used to remove all the results contain a specific word or phrase and can be invaluable when finding that needle in the haystack.
Resource Type: Blog
Publish Date: Sep 2016
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