Sysero Releases New Visual Workflow Designer to Streamline Automation
    Title*Sysero Releases New Visual Workflow Designer to Streamline Automation
    DetailAshford, Kent - 14th March 2022 - Today, Sysero announced the release of its Visual Workflow Designer to streamline and simplify the task of building workflows. 

    Sysero’s Visual Workflow Designer is a brand-new visual tool that allows Sysero users to automate operational processes by creating custom workflows using powerful flowchart features. The user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality enables users to quickly and easily build start-to-finish workflows, without the assistance of IT. 

    As legal clients’ expectations shift, lawyers need the ability to quickly model business processes and build digital solutions for their clients. With Visual Workflow Designer, non-technical lawyers and staff can adeptly design and automate workflows in real-time. Visual Workflow Designer leverages Sysero’s form designer to enable users to define the information they need to capture as part of a workflow - such as client information or transactional information - and group these into sections. Users can then design the form directly from within the workflow builder. 

    The information captured via forms can then be used to map a decision tree within the workflow. For example, based on certain criteria provided in the form, a firm may decide whether the work is appropriate to take on, and route to either a “yes” or “no” workflow. Users can add even further logic to create sophisticated rules-based automated business processes. 

    In addition to leveraging the power of Sysero forms, Visual Workflow Designer seamlessly integrates with Sysero’s market-leading document automation and knowledge library tools, providing users with a comprehensive toolset. Users can build template libraries for documents that may be required as part of workflows and populate those documents with information gathered via workflow forms, providing users with a streamlined approach to creating everything from simple legal documents to sophisticated custom contracts. 

    Workflows built using Sysero’s Visual Workflow Designer can also be utilised to extend the functionality of industry-leading solutions such as iManage, NetDocs, HighQ and DocuSign. Sysero leverages the same integration technology as tech heavyweights Facebook and LinkedIn to enable firms to move data between systems in an intelligent, automated workflow. 

    “We’re excited to be able to offer this bespoke workflow functionality where lawyers and staff members can easily build workflows and enable them to seamlessly move from one stage to another based on custom rules,” said Phil Ayton, Director of Sysero. “The ability for lawyers to quickly build solutions for clients without technical assistance is a key element in creating competitive advantage for the modern firm.” 

    To learn more about Sysero’s Visual Workflow Designer, please get in touch

    SummaryToday, Sysero announced the release of its Visual Workflow Designer to streamline and simplify the task of building workflows.
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