Knowledge: Troubleshooting AutoLogin URL
    Title*Troubleshooting AutoLogin URL
    Manual Level TwoUser
    DetailThe following are things to check or notes regarding autologin:
    • User will only be created for AutoLoginURL if they do not exist and Site settings has Auto Login RoleID set.  An example issue will be if item using autologinurl is running in CompanyID 2, but AutoLoginURL is not set in CompanyID 2, but in CompanyID 3.  
    • User can only auto login if not already a Full user in Sysero.
    • System will not even try to send AutoLogin link to Full user.  You can tell if it is AutoLoginURL link by looking at e-mail and checking there are guid and externalid querystring parameters.
    • Check exception log things like Invalid Claim GUID will be logged if expired.
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