Automate High Volume Legal Transactions
    Title*Automate High Volume Legal Transactions

    Legal transactions consists of information, processes and documents.  As well as the transactional information that needs to be captured, there may be many parties involved: Clients; plaintiff; defendants; witnesses; experts; financiers; brokers; insurers; beneficial owners.  The legal process can involve numerous steps that need to be completed at specific periods.  To map a transaction we need to:

    Define the parties

    • Identify each party in the process
    • Decide what information is needed on each party
    • Create categorization lists for each party


    Define the checking procedures

    • Checking for conflicts
    • Checking against external lists and systems


    Define the relationships

    • How do the parties relate to the transaction
    • Identify which parties may have multiple individuals
    • Which parties are optional


    Define the process

    • The steps that need to be completed
    • The order they need to be completed
    • Who signs off on each stage


    Define the documented outputs

    • Which documents need to be created
    • What information need to be included in each document
    • Which clauses need to be included for each decision
    • How are the documents to be approved and sent
    • When are the document to be sent


    Define the security and audit rules

    • Who can access information the transaction
    • Who can access information on each party
    • Which items of data can be viewed by which party
    • When are specific data considered locked
    • How are edits to be authorized and checked


    Define the records management procedures

    • How will the transactional records be managed and retrieved
    • How will the party information be managed and retrieved
    • How long will data be retained
    • How will archive data be sanitized



    • What information is needed by fee earners
    • What information is needed by Clients
    • What information is needed by third parties


    To get help designing your process, contact us using our on-line form.


    Each new client and matter needs to be started by the firm setting out their understanding of the matter and including the terms and conditions.


    One of the most complex legal contracts that includes a number of conditions that make wholesale differences to the outcome.

    SummaryDeveloping transactional portals to manage high volume transactional work, maintain profitability and win new clients
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    Publish DateOct 2016
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