Knowledge: Data Room Feature Settings
    Title*Data Room Feature Settings
    Manual Level TwoData Rooms
    API : Access Enabled If this is disabled any API accounts cannot communicate with this data room.
    Dashboard: Hide Transactions Do not include transactions in Dashboard Panel Type > Outstanding Decisions
    Document assembly: Disable White Labelling If White Labelling set at site level, do not use for this Data Room.
    Document assembly: Highlight empty fields Fields will be highlighted with yellow background, rather than removed on assemble.
    Document assembly: New Fields Set as Pending
    New fields added via Fields menu in office will not appear on production form until pending flag removed.
    Documents: Allow them to be set a public download
    Enables option to click Public Download in Document Mangement.
    Documents: Auto Convert 97-2003 word Documents to DOCX format on upload
    Documents used for automations must be in .docx format.
    Documents: Bypass auto start workflows for automated documents When saving an automated document do not start workflow as approval may not be required, or may just be to test new fields etc.
    Documents: Disable previous versions
    Do not store previous versions.
    Documents: Enable version comment Allows for document comment against versions.
    Documents: Only allow the submitter to update document currently pending if they own pending version
    If no pending document exists normal security applies, if pending document exists and another update is submitted, only previous pending submitted can update to avoid conflicts.
    Documents: Require approval for new versions Pending version will be created when uploading new document.
    Documents: Show small icons in search results If you set this to off it will not show document/profile icon on left of title.
    Documents: Show version number
    Show version number next to document.
    Documents: Start default workflow if not already running when a document is uploaded
    When modification to document uploaded start workflow.  Sometimes used for triggering approval on changes.
    Documents: Titles are read only
    Do not let people make document title different from profile title, this is used when document to profile is 1 to 1 relationship.
    Documents: Use image documents as search results icon (unsecured)
    If you have say a People Search library and you want the attached image of a person to be display in search results, turn this option on.  Unsecured means that if website is external and you have URL of image you could view image.
    Forms: Enable Advanced Forms Mode
    Most data rooms can share forms between input, summary and search.  But in some cases there may be a need to maintain seperate ones.  It is recommended this is avoided where possible.
    Forms: Enable Caching
    Construction of Forms object will be held in memory, may increase performance if Taxonomy tree has a large number of entries.
    Input Form: Accordian view for input form
    Places input form in one page mode and then applies accordian.  Please note may be ready to use on newer themes.
    Input form: Allow download of documents even if the form is locked
    This only applies to the Formatting Field which is Document Download type, as if form locked field would usually be locked.
    Input Form: Allow user to save even if they do not have access to next decision
    If this is set to off and the user does not have access to complete decision in workflow, they will not have access to Save button.  Turning this on allows that.
    Input Form: Bypass all validation on save (still enforced on workflow)
    By default form will only allow save if all validation and compulsory fields are completed.  An example of where you might turn this on is when you want someone to save a partially complete form, so that they can complete it later.
    Input Form: Bypass compulsory on save (still enforced on workflow)
    Unlike bypass all validation on save, this option will still validate fields like e.g. email address matches format required.
    Input Form: Display file size alongside documents
    Document will show size of file next to title.
    Input Form: Enable workflow Lock
    Locks all sections assigned to already completed decisions.
    Input Form: Only show dependent sections answered in current transaction
    If this is enabled only the running transaction will show dependent sections e.g. if all transactions archived or action in previous workflow was completed to show section, it will not show section.
    Input Form: Open form to last tab Will open in last visible tab if enabled.
    Input Form: Progress Workflow When Attach Files Click
    When disabled clicking Attach Files will not progress workflow at that point.
    Input Form: Replace search box with form title (ResponsiveTM style only)
    Hides search box and replaces it with Input Form Title.
    Input form: Show next and previous buttons
    Shows next and previous buttons to navigate sections.
    Input Form: Split sections into different tabs on the input form
    If this is disabled form will display in single page mode.
    Input Form: Use Material Design inspired layout Different way of displaying form e.g. inline help and field label starting inside textbox etc.
    Input form: Warn before leaving if changes are unsaved Popup alert if user tries to leave input form without saving.  Please note due to browser restrictions this functionality is limited.
    Input Form: When hiding a field using choice dependencies, clear its data
    Recommend discussing with Sysero before using this, as could result in data loss.  For scenarios where it is important to physically remove data.
    Input Form: When hiding a Section using choice dependencies, clear its data
    Recommend discussing with Sysero before using this, as could result in data loss.  For scenarios where it is important to physically remove data.
    Items: Allow master Site to access items across all Sites
    Only one master site can be set in Admin > Sites per Sysero instance, this should be managing site.  If this option is enabled that site will see all content from Data Room is shared for use across other sites.
    Items: Allow users to add to favourites
    Allow items from this data room to be added to favourites.
    Items: Allow users to leave reviews
    Ability to add comments on summary form.  You can also enable a profile comments button in Office Settings.
    Items: Enable ability to set lock comment
    Popup dialog to set Lock Comment when locking item.
    Items: Exclude from Recently Edited Items Do not add items from this Data Room to recently edited items, when edited.
    Items: Persist AutoLogin External GUID for additional users
    If using AutoLogin logic keep same GUID for item so that multiple users can AutoLogin to same item.  Note this is not reccommended as less secure.
    Items: Publish items to all Sites as readonly Master site should be used to add items to a data room, these items will then appear to all Sites unless secured.
    Items: Skip login check for Encrypted or Secured to Originator fields
    Secure functions usually force login more frequently by System setting.  Encrypted fields also trigger these checks unless this option is enabled.
    Logging: performance
    Only enable if instructed by Sysero, will log some individual statistics on performance that can be used for troubleshooting.
    OAuth: Validate DocUSign token on access
    If not authenticated against DocUSign when opening form validate first via OAuth redirection to get token.
    OAuth: Validate HighQ token on access If not authenticated against HighQ when opening form validate first via OAuth redirection to get token.
    OAuth: Validate Worksite token on access
    If not authenticated against Worksite when opening form validate first via OAuth redirection to get token.
    Search Form: Allow PDF uploads to be added to OCR text extraction queue
    Displays checkbox on Search Upload Document dialog to allow for PDF OCR extraction.
    Search Form: Allow users to rate a document
    Show rating control on search.
    Search Form: For automated documents, the search link navigates to the assembly form Default when disabled is that only icon will be assembly form link, when enabled title link will also take you to assembly form.
    Search Form: For e-mail send Profile Link instead of Document Link
    When generating e-mail from search use the Profile link, rather than a download document link.
    Search Form: If maximum documents set to 1 export Document Link in Excel export file. Will add SyseroLink column to each exported row with the document link.
    Search Form: Search form upload only opens one page (only applies if document upload on search enabled)
    With exception of title all other values completed on single profile will be applied to all uploaded documents.
    Search Form: Show button to allow documents to be uploaded from search form
    This will open file upload dialog, this way you can upload document before profile is opened.
    Search Form: Show search term on search page
    This is for Advanced Search only, in results display what was searched for.
    Search Form: Split sections into different tabs on advanced search
    If this is disabled form will display in single page mode.
    Search Form: Use Download Link on Search Title Link Document title downloads document instead of opening profile summary or input.
    Show advanced page notifications
    Show validation notifications as popup.
    Signing: Auto-Notarise
    Locks the claim and attaches the signed document as a supporting document to it
    Signing: Start workflows marked as autostart if not already running when signing completed If not workflow is already running for record, start a workflow process on completion of signing process.
    Summary Form: Reorder fields to hide missing entries
    Remove field place holders for fields with no data, will change structure of form, but compress to only used fields.
    Summary Form: Split sections into different tabs on the summary form
    If this is disabled form will display in single page mode.
    Web links: Allow a custom extension to be specified when uploading a web link to an item
    When attaching a web link to an item profile you can select the type it should be treated as e.g. Word, PDF.  Please note this list is limited and if more options are required please discuss with Sysero.
    Workflow: Disable E-Mail Notifications
    Stops any workflow e-mails from being sent, used for when testing workflow.
    Workflow: Enable Logging Notification Email Contents
    Contents of e-mails will be available in Admin > System > Mail Logs
    Workflow: Show Decision Approvers if waiting on Decision
    This will show who needs to approve document on the Document Management page.
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