Knowledge: DataAction using EU Sanctions List
    Title*DataAction using EU Sanctions List
    Manual Level TwoData Actions
    DetailThis can be configured in lots of ways, but the below will give a starting point.

    URL :

    NodeXPath Example : //nameAlias[(lower-case(@lastName)=tokenize(lower-case('[!Search!]'),' ') and lower-case(@firstName)=tokenize(lower-case('[!Search!]'),' ')) or lower-case(@wholeName)=lower-case('[!Search!]') or lower-case(replace(@wholeName,'^(?:([\w]*)(?: (.*))? )?([\w]+)$','$1 $3'))=lower-case('[!Search!]')]

    Input Mapping : Search

    Output Mappings:
    • @wholeName
    • @function
    • #string(regulationSummary[1]/@publicationUrl)++Download Regulation
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