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    Important please take care configuring the below, with any automated e-mail option you do not want to end up spamming lots of users who should not be getting a message.

    Timed notifications are often used in a scenario where you need to send an individual reminder e-mail e.g. for a client that was send an initial e-mail to fill out information, but has not yet completed it.

    The configuration of these is done in the Business Process for that Data Room, using the Action Type icon shown below:


    The differrence from send task reminders is that this is one e-mail per task and also that the Scheduled Notifications set in the Action configuration are used as with a normal e-mail to target the person who needs the reminder.

    Note each Action will only send to a user once, if you need multiple reminders you will need multiple actions e.g. one for 7 days, one for 14 days etc.


    1. Job Scheduler:
      1. As with anything that used the Job Scheduler, the SyseroTimerService must be running, see Admin > Job Scheduler.
      2. To process anything marked as a Timed Notification you need to setup a Job Action of Timed Notifications.  The only parameter you can set is which Data Room to process, all Data Rooms at once or if none set all of them.  It will scan each data room for timed notification to process in each business process.
      3. The Alerts you can set in the Job Scheduler admin only cover sending a combined log of any errors processing this request and would only be set to go to an admin.
    2. Business Process:
      1. The default behaviour is for a Timed Notification Action to only be processed if in the previous executed decision path prior to the decision it is waiting at.  Outside of this they won't be actioned unless in the Scheduled Notification settings the "Send independent of workflow decision path" is checked.
      2. To decide when to send reminder you need a date field, this can either be Date workflow was started or use another date field on the form.  This is then combined with the Due In days, which can be positive for days after the date or negative for days before the date.
      3. You then need to assign a Scheduled Notification, this is done in the same was as normal notification and can use form fields etc.
      4. In the more advanced notification settings you will find one more option that needs setting, where you choose from one of the following:
        1. Timed notification only send if due today - Reason we have this is that if it was over due yesterday, it may not actually be relevant to send today.
        2. Timed notification send if due - Send if due yesterday, maybe the Job Scheduler was temporarily paused and now you want to start sending them again.
        3. Disabled - Set this if not yet ready to enabled for that person, but wanted it configured ready.
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