Knowledge: Office365 / Azure AD Data Action REST calls
    Title*Office365 / Azure AD Data Action REST calls
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    Manual Level ThreeOffice365

    This article explains how to setup data actions that can e.g. lookup group members.

    Before following the steps below please make sure the following has already been setup

    Office365 API setup for Sysero Application calls to read AzureAD groups and other API REST calls (Microsoft Graph)

    Data Action Steps
    1. Create new Data Action of RESTOAuth type.
    2. Set node XPath, usually something like //value
    3. Set target e.g. groups example groups/guid/members.
    4. Set OAuthType to Office365
    5. Set any Output Mappings e.g. displayName and mail for members example.
    6. Use as normal data action.
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