Knowledge: SMS Text Message using AWS SNS
    Title*SMS Text Message using AWS SNS
    Manual Level TwoData Actions
    DetailImportant the use of this functionality should always be planned carefully, as has the ability to introduce costs all of it's own based on text message usage.

    Please note currently we only support Amazon AWS SNS for sending sms text messages.  If you have another provider please contact us to discuss requirement.  Sysero do not provide the Amazon AWS SNS account.

    SMS Text Messages can be used for two purposes in Sysero:
    1. As an additional Two Factor method for authentication.
    2. Ability to send text message via data action as notification.
    In AWS SNS set the following settings
    1. Default message type : Transactional
    2. Account spend limit : Maximum USD you allow per month on text messages.
    3. Default sender id : On message shows reciever source of message e.g. Sysero.
    In AWS IAM settings setup the following
    1. Go to Policies and Create policy.
    2. In the JSON use syntax similar to the below, note the IP address is to stop other people using this service if Key and Secret are compromised.
          "Version": "2012-10-17",
          "Statement": [
                  "Sid": "VisualEditor0",
                  "Effect": "Allow",
                  "Action": "sns:Publish",
                  "Resource": "*",
                  "Condition": {
                      "ForAnyValue:IpAddress": {
                          "aws:SourceIp": [
    3. Remember name of new policy
    4. Go to Users and Add New User.
    5. Set User name and select Access Key as option before clicking next.
    6. Attach policy to that user.
    7. Remember to copy the secret and access key at end of creation process.  These will be required in next phase.
    In Sysero
    1. Go to Admin > System > AWS SNS Message Settings.
    2. Set the Key and Secret to those recorded when setting up IAM account.
    3. Set ID to the SenderID you set in AWS SNS settings.
    4. Set the AWS region the SNS was setup for.
    5. Set limit to safe level for a month, recommend setting lower while testing.
    6. If using two factor, set the two factor text.
    Two Factor

    Note you can only request a maximum of 3 two factor codes in a 3 minute period via this method for each user.
    • Once the above has been setup, two factor is controlled by role User: Two Factor Authentication Can use phone.
    • This also requires a user has a mobile phone number set in their User profile.
    Data Action Send Text Message

    Note for Data Actions you can only send 3 text message per minute for item you are working on.

    Data action requires following input mappings:
    1. Phone or User : If Phone used pass phone number, if User used pass UserID or Email and it will lookup Mobile phone from profile.
    2. MessageText : Text of message you need to send.
    Output mapping should be set to Status with No Output Mapping, this will give visual indication to success of text.
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