Automate Document Templates
    Title*Automate Document Templates
    Document Automation
    Providing automated versions of frequently used contracts, documents and emails increases productivity and quality. Manging the process of automation, providing the ability to re-use previous documents and versioning templates to prevent users accessing expired content requires a systematic approach.
    Template Builder
    Template Builder is a Microsoft Word extension that provides full automation features without any programming required. Authors just need to open a Word document and add:
    Fields can be text, numbers, dates, calculations or choices. They are grouped under sections.
    Choice dependent text
    A document can include text for multiple scenarios. Text can be linked to choice fields so that it only appears when a choice is made. 
    Sometimes you need to capture lists of information for lists or tables.
    SummaryCreate and manage automated templates to dramatically improve drafting time on simple and complex transactions
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    Publish DateOct 2016
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