Knowledge: Report with Taxonomy Runtime Filter
    Title*Report with Taxonomy Runtime Filter
    DetailFollow these steps to create a simple Data Room report that can be filtered by Taxonomy:
    1. Create new Web Report.
    2. Give it a name.
    3. Select Type Data Room.
    4. Pick Data Room to report on.
    5. Use the following select query replacing URL and CompanyID with correct values:

      SELECT ItemName, '' + CAST(Claims.ID as nvarchar(max)) as Link  FROM Claims WHERE ISNULL(Archived,0) = 0 {0} Order BY ItemName

    6. The {0} is automatically replaced by Sysero with other parts of WHERE clause for Data Room and any Runtime Filters.
    7. Select Taxonomy Field in Runtime Filters section.  Note if Repeater Taxonomy code will automatically generate SQL.
    8. Change Appear As to what you what filter to appear as e.g. Practice Area.
    9. Change Filter Type to DropDown.
    10. In Filter Query use syntax as found in article SQL to Lookup Root Taxonomy Level.
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