How Wedlake Bell Transformed Legal Service with a Single, Unified Solution

    Title*How Wedlake Bell Transformed Legal Service with a Single, Unified Solution
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    Posted 14 September 2020


    The rise of alternative service providers, the death of the billable hour and the drive for more tech-savvy, streamlined legal service has drastically transformed the legal sector over the past several years. With new challenges brought on by the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, transformation in the legal sector continues to accelerate at an unprecedented rate.

    Today’s firms are under immense pressure to adopt service delivery models that are practical, responsive, swift, consistent and profitable. Taking a more streamlined, technology-driven approach to services not only enables modern firms to more easily meet clients’ constantly-evolving expectations, but also sets the stage for long-lasting client relationships. 

    One firm that recognises the need for a more agile, tech-enabled approach is Wedlake Bell. As a contemporary London-based law firm with a lasting legacy of client service, Wedlake Bell is focussed on empowering its clients by providing quality legal advice, insight and intelligence that helps them achieve their goals. So, it’s no surprise that when the firm noticed a trend towards more efficient, productive and value-driven ways of working, it turned to technology to help it improve client service and create a competitive advantage.

    Here, we look at just some of the ways that Wedlake Bell has used a single technology system from Sysero to innovate its service delivery model and create greater value for its clients. 

    Making Knowledge Accessible

    When it comes to delivering premier legal service, knowledge is everything. Nearly every aspect of a firm’s interaction with a client relies on some sort of proprietary knowledge - whether it be organisational, process, legal or relationship. However, the challenge of managing a law firm’s collective knowledge has become more complex; with firms battling a deluge of digital data. 

    Back in 2012, Wedlake Bell saw the opportunity to modernise its approach to Knowledge Management (KM) by employing technology to centralise its collective knowledge and make it easier for lawyers to uncover. At the time, the firm’s knowledge existed within disparate databases and systems, which made it difficult for lawyers to find the correct source of information. So, the firm teamed up with Sysero to develop a web-based knowledge base to collate in-house know-how and provide lawyers with access to firm-wide knowledge from a single web application. Sysero’s Microsoft Office integration enabled Wedlake Bell to quickly import documents and the new system was up and running in only six weeks. Since then, the knowledge base has proved invaluable in streamlining access to relevant knowledge and ensuring lawyers can access the information they need to deliver exceptional service. 

    Digitising Client Onboarding

    Over the course of the past several years, business acceptance has become an increasingly cumbersome process. Tightening compliance requirements and shifting market conditions have made it imperative for firms to develop controlled and documented processes to accept new business. At the same time, firms also need to drive greater efficiency in the onboarding process. 

    To overcome these challenges, Wedlake Bell worked with Sysero to develop an online client intake and acceptance process for the firm using browser-based workflow automation. Sysero’s workflow technology, with zero footprint deployment, enabled the firm to easily capture client data and quickly assess risk. By automating and streamlining the business acceptance process, Wedlake Bell not only benefited from cost-savings and consistent quality, but also improved compliance. Furthermore, using Sysero’s easy-to-manage system, Wedlake Bell has been able to modify the client intake workflow in response to changing regulatory requirements, such as GDPR and EU AML directives, with minimal technical support.  

    Digitising the business acceptance process also provided Wedlake Bell with a  competitive edge. Today’s legal clients look to their law firms for innovation and expanded digital service offerings. By automating the client intake process, Wedlake Bell demonstrated their tech-driven approach to business, whilst getting to work quicker for their clients.

    Ensuring Compliance

    Compliance is a top priority for the modern law firm. And with the vast amount of confidential and sensitive information held by law firms, it’s critical to invest in a robust records management solution. 

    Faced with the burden of compliance concerning client files, Wedlake Bell expanded its work with Sysero to create a custom-built records management system. Sysero provided a central interface with automation capabilities to help Wedlake Bell take control of historical physical and electronic records. By ensuring the effective management of client records - including easily retrieving client matter numbers from Worksite -  Wedlake Bell can easily monitor and enforce compliance on records, protecting its reputation and relationships.  

    Elevating the Client Experience

    With a single technology system from Sysero, Wedlake Bell has been able to increase lawyer productivity, streamline internal processes, and reduce risk - all whilst ensuring a consistent, elevated client experience. The firm’s integrated knowledge base and document automation system creates unique value for clients by streamlining research and document assembly, reducing inefficiencies and empowering lawyers to deliver value-driven service. Additionally, by digitising the client intake and acceptance process, Wedlake Bell has been able to formalise the evaluation of new business opportunities and more quickly onboard new clients. 

    Beyond helping Wedlake Bell to work better, and faster, Sysero’s technology has also set the stage for stronger governance and quality. Administrators at the firm can set governance and quality policies in the firm’s Sysero systems, including trigger events, review periods and quality workflows. 


    As the pace of innovation accelerates in the legal sector, law firms need to rapidly evolve to stay ahead of the curve and ensure future survival. From more agile service delivery to stronger compliance and rapid response times, the law firm of the future is powered by practical and proven technology and consistent, tech-enabled service delivery. 

    Are you looking to transform your firm’s service delivery? Get in touch with us to discuss your challenges today.

    SummaryWe look at just some of the ways that Wedlake Bell has used a single technology system from Sysero to innovate its service delivery model and create greater value for its clients.
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