Knowledge: Querystring Parameters available when uploading documents from iManage 10.x using Sysero extension (worksiteupload.aspx)
    Title*Querystring Parameters available when uploading documents from iManage 10.x using Sysero extension (worksiteupload.aspx)
    Manual Level TwoIntegrations
    Manual Level ThreeiManage
    DetailThe below query string parameters are set when using worksiteupload.aspx in Admin > System > Integrations: Worksite > URL Mapping:
    • ApplicationID = ID of App/Data Room.
    • CompanyID = ID of Site/Company.
    • StorageType
      • SyseroStore (default) = Physical copy in Sysero.
      • IWL  = Legacy link to iManage.
      • URL = https link to Document in iManage.
      • Worksite = Only ID stored in Sysero (prefer URL usually)
    • Mode
      • Default = All selected documents to single Sysero profile.
      • MultiProfile = Single Sysero profile for each selected document.
    • TextFieldx = You can use TextField1= to set default values on new profile.
    • DocumentID = should be set to [documentid], this will be single or list of documents to upload.
    • DocumentIDField = You can name the document field to store DocumentID in the Syser profile, this will allow for settings to only upload document once etc.
    • UseExisting = If used in conjunction with the above, it will update existing profile not create new one.
    • NoIndex = Do not index document content for links.
    • ApplySecurity = Apply security rules, from iManage to new Profile.  Roles need to be mapped in Admin > Data Room > Worksite Settings > Worksite Role Mappings.
    • The following additional pseudo code values can be set in URL:
      • [custom1]
      • [custom2]
      • [custom3]
      • [custom1_description]
      • [custom2_description]
      • [custom3_description]
      • [workspaceid]

    Please note: inbuilt fields (author, doctype etc) fields are mapped using Admin > Data Room > Worksite Settings > Inbound Field Mappings.
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