Knowledge: Manipulating Dates with Live Formula
    Title*Manipulating Dates with Live Formula
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    DetailBelow is an example of converting en-GB date format of dd/mm/yyyy to date for manipulation and adding number of months to a date.

    In the live formula you will be calling something like dateaddmonth('[DateFieldx]',numberofmonths)

    The matching function below will need to be added to the Input form header in the JavaScript section.

    function dateaddmonth(invalue,addmonth){
    var parts = invalue.split("/");
    var options = {
            year: "numeric",
            month: "2-digit",
            day: "2-digit"
    var d1 = new Date(Number(parts[2]), Number(parts[1]), Number(parts[0]));
    d1.setMonth(d1.getMonth() + addmonth-1);
    return d1.toLocaleDateString("en-GB",options);
        return e.Message;

    Please note this is an example and changes will be required for your environment or requirement e.g. you may need to add years or combine two dates.
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