Knowledge: Coupled Data Room Section Types
    Title*Coupled Data Room Section Types
    Manual Level TwoData Rooms
    DetailCoupled Data Rooms have the following Types:
    • Parent to Children
    • Child of Parent(s)
    • Related
    Below are a couple of scenarios to explain their usage:
    1. If you have a Knowledge Library and you want to attach Drafting Documents to it, you would probably have two Data Rooms, Knowledge Library and Drafting Documents. 
      1. In the Knowledge Library Data Room you would create a Coupled Data Room Section.
      2. Set the Type to be Parent to Children.
      3. Set the Child Data Room to be Drafting Documents.
      4. Save the section and form.
      5. Although not necessary you could then show the Parents on the Drafting Documents Data Room by adding a Coupled Data Room Section.
      6. Set the Type to be Child of Parent(s).
      7. Set the Parent Data Room to be Knowledge Library.
      8. Make sure the correct section from Knowledge Library is selected.  If Knowledge Library was Coupled to other Data Rooms it would cause items to appear in wrong section if set incorrectly.
      9. Save the section and form.
    2. If you have Knowledge Items that are often used together and they have equal relationship, so they should display if they are either children or parent items.
      1. Add section to Knowledge Library.
      2. Set the Type to be Related
      3. Select the related Data Room, in this case iteself but could be another.
      4. Select the related section, same reasons as in previous scenario.
      5. Save the section and form.
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