Knowledge: Graphical Taxonomy
    Title*Graphical Taxonomy
    Manual Level TwoPsuedoCode
    DetailThe below pseudo code can be used to display the Taxonomy in a more Graphical representation for up to a depth of 3 levels.

    • ApplicationID : The ID of the DataRoom/Application, can be found in URL when editing Taxonomy.
    • TaxonomyID : The ID of the Taxonomy, can be found in URL when editing Taxonomy.
    • MaxLevel : To set max depth e.g. 1 will only show root items in tree.
    • ExcludeIDs : Certain entries can be hidden in , delimited list, please contact Sysero on how to find entry ID's.
    • Theme : Default is 00, when other themes become available we will document them.
    For further customisations please contact Sysero to discuss.
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