Knowledge: Configure Profile Comments
    Title*Configure Profile Comments
    Manual Level TwoData Rooms
    DetailPlease note there are other types of comments not documented here e.g. Document Version comments and Lock comments etc.

    The button on the right to expand comments will appear on Summary and Input forms if comments are enabled.
    If enabled in Sysero for Office the button will appear on the Sysero for Office ribbon.

    To configure use the following options:
    1. To enable comments, set setting Admin > App/Data Room > Advanced Options > Feature Settings > Items: Allow users to leave review comments.
    2. If you require the button in Sysero for Office on an open document, set setting Admin > App/Data Room > Office Settings > Enable Comments Button.
    3. To allow users to set comments set Role Permission > App: Allow Review Comments.
    4. To allow users to delete other peoples comments set Role Permission > App: Allow deletion of other user comments.
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