Knowledge: Configure Sysero E-Signing (Signature Routing)
    Title*Configure Sysero E-Signing (Signature Routing)
    Manual Level TwoSigning
    DetailSignature Host Server

    The signing host server can either be the same as the current Sysero instance or another Sysero instance that is cloud facing, should the primary Sysero instance not be available to those that need to sign documents.

    To enable the Sysero instance as a Signature Host Server:
    1. Logon to the Sysero instance that will be cloud facing or is accessible to those that need to sign documents, note if not same instance for both note down steps below where it is specific to seperate Sysero instnaces.
    2. First you may want to create a new site dedicated to sigining.
    3. Switch to the existing or newly created site you will be using for signing.
    4. Create a App/Data Room and in Basic Settings set the Type to Signature Routing.
    5. Go into Admin > Site > Signature Settings and set the following settings.
    6. Enable Client as Signature Routing Host.
    7. If this is a seperate Sysero instance copy the Access GUID for later in process.
    8. Set the Email routing mode.
    9. Create a Routing Email in Admin > Email Templates, remembering to add the [SignatureLink] place holder.
    10. If you want to send a Final e-mail to all signatories once all signatures are on document, create another Email Template and select here.
    11. Set the App/Data Room you created as the Signature routing Data Room.
    12. See if any other settings are relevant to you.
    13. Save the settings.
    Signature Routing
    1. You now need to Login to the primary Sysero instance if hosting was on a different instance.
    2. Go to site you will be configuring signing for.
    3. If instance is the same check "Use Current Instance for Signature Server", otherwise follow these two steps:
      1. Host Sysero Instance URL, this will be the root URL for the seperate Signature Host instance of Sysero.
      2. Enter a signature routing site Access GUID, this is the GUID you noted down earlier.
    4. If instance is the same as host you also need to select the site that is set for "Signature Host".
    Next Steps

    Signing if now configured and ready to build a process around.  Please see KB article How to use Sysero E-Signing
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