Knowledge: How to use Sysero E-Signing
    Title*How to use Sysero E-Signing
    Manual Level TwoSigning
    DetailBefore using this article please confirm Signature Hosting has been setup see Configure Sysero E-Signing (Signature Routing)

    There are two types of signing in Sysero which involve sending documents for signatures:
    1. Document you have created, where you need to add signature placeholders and then send to people for their signatures.
    2. Automated document that has signature fields configured on form and signature routing initiated in Business Process.
    Sysero for Office Request Signatures 

    This details how to use the scenario where you have document you need to route to people for signatures.
    1. This assumes you have the Sysero for Office addin installed and Enabled.
    2. It also assumes everything is configured and you have permission to use this functionality.  The setting and role permission are:
      1. Admin > Site > Office Settings > Enable Request signatures buttons.
      2. Role Permssion : Allow user to sign documents.
    3. Firstly as described earlier add the signature place holders where you require them.  This can be found in the Sysero Rebiion > Request signatures > Add signaure placeholders.
    4. In the same place click Email for signing.  The first time you do this test with yourself and people you have warned.
    Automated Document Signature Routing

    This details the scenario where you have a document automated with form content and which will be routed as part of the business process.
    1. Ensure you have an automated document ready to place fields in with the fields menu. For more information on setting this up and automating documents, please visit our Youtube channel tutorials
    2. A new signature field can be added to the document in the same manner as other field types. 
    3. You will also want to add a simple text field and set that as the signee name field in the signature field settings of the signature field. 
    4. In the business process designer for the automated data room, at the desired point in the process for routing the document for signatures (usually near, if not at the end), you should include an action that is a "signing" type action, and select "Sysero" as the signing method. 
    5. When the business process reaches the signing action it will redirect the user to a signing form to specify email addresses to send to for each signature required.
    6. The document can be sent to be signed by signees in sequential order, or all at once. Finally hit send to confirm.
    7. Users receiving the email will receive a copy of the document in it's current signed state as a PDF. This will include a clickable link to sign at the appropriate signature placeholder location that will take them to the Sysero signing page. 
    8. Once the document is fully signed, the final copy will be sent out once more to all recipients. 
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