Knowledge: Importing External Data into Sysero
    Title*Importing External Data into Sysero
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    Importing Data

    We have the following options:
    1. Job Scheduler
    2. Excel
    3. REST API
    Please note for importing data we recommend you have a test Sysero instance to get the import correct before format before setting up import in production instance.

    Job Scheduler

    The initial import of data will use the Job Action DataRoom Importer, use of this requires the following:
    1. Create a Data Action that returns multiple rows that you need to import.  Output mappings should be mapped to target data rooms fields.  Please note you should not include Repeater sections as these need to be done with a seperate Job once record exists.
    2. It is recommended you include a primary key field in the target DataRoom that should match a primary key value from the source data.
    3. In the Job Scheduler create a Job using action DataRoom Importer, set the following fields:
      1. Application : Target DataRoom.
      2. Data Action : Data Action you just created.
      3. Primary Key : Field you identified to store primary key, will avoid duplicates and allow for updates from source data.
      4. Mode : Are you just adding, or allowing updates or removing records that no longer exist etc.
      5. Cient Company : Site that is owner of the data, more important if shared across multiple sites.
    4. Double check values and save, any mistake here could result in data loss in another data room!
    5. Run job and check results.
    Once the record exists in Sysero you can use the Execute Data Action Job Action to perform things like populating repeater or attaching document from external source.  Example below details populating repeater:
    1. Create Data Action to select data from source using input mapping from Data Room to filter results as required.
    2. Source data should return only rows and fields required to repeater for item filtered by input mapping.
    3. Output mappings should be to target repeater section only and only single repeater section.  If more than one repeater needs populating it will require multiple data actions and jobs.
    4. Create Job using Job Action Execute Data Action, set the following fields:
      1. Application : Target Data Room to iterate through items to execute data action against.
      2. Data Action : Data Action you just created.
      3. Initiate Field : If you need to filter only certain records to import against.
      4. Initiate Value : Value for above to match on.
      5. Complete Field : Field to write value to if data action has been run.
      6. Complete Value : Value to set for above.
      7. Mode : Either SyncRepeater or SyncRepeaterClearFirst, second one will clear repeater entries first.  Please note if any repeater fields is set to Unique Values in Forms Editor, it will use this like a primary key to avoid duplicate entries.
      8. Double check values and save, any mistake here could result in data loss.
      9. Run job and check results.


    To import data from excel please follow these steps:
    1. Go to Admin > Data Rooms > Target Data Room > Edit Data Room > Advanced Options > Import Bulk Data.
    2. Click Download Excel Template, this will provide a template with the correct column headings based on the designed form.
    3. Insert data into Excel Spreadhseet.
    4. Back on Import Bulk Data page select saved spreadsheet.
    5. Click import.
    6. Wait for import to complete.
    7. If there are errors an excel spreadsheet will be created with details on each one so that you can resolve and re-import.  Note this is one reason we recommend test instance first.


    Rest API documentation can be found in Admin > System > API.  The following methods are ones you may want to look at:
    • Item : Submit
    • Item : Update
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