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    Title*Sysero Software Development Projects

    Getting new software developed can be an expensive and high risk business.  Many law firms look to SharePoint to provide data and document based solutions, but with SharePoint developers costing around £375 per day then a typical small 3-month project is going to cost at least £25k.  Taking into account overrun and feature creep and this figure could easily double, even on a small project.

    Source: IT Jobs Watch

    Once the developer leaves, then the firm is left with an unsupported solution with any further developments or bug fixes very hard to source and very expensive to buy.

    Sysero provides customised systems based on our own platform.  Developed through years of working with law firm clients, the system integrates documents and data using a workflow engine that can be customised to any client or internal requirement.  The base server starts at £1k per month and fixed price development projects are typically less than £5k and delivered within 4-6 weeks of inception.

    Support comes in the server subscription and process and design changes are often completed free of charge or can even be done by internal support staff.

    Solutions can be hosted on in-house servers or in the Amazon Cloud for a maintenance free solution.

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    SummaryThe benefits of using Sysero to develop custom solutions
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