Nordic Firm Brækhus Turns to Sysero and PSA Consulting for Document Automation Workflow
    Title*Nordic Firm Brækhus Turns to Sysero and PSA Consulting for Document Automation Workflow

    ASHFORD, KENT – 7 February 2019 – Brækhus Advokatfirma, an innovative Norwegian alternative to the largest law firms, has partnered with Sysero to automate and streamline its document creation process. The firm will use Sysero’s technology to enable its lawyers to turn frequently-used documents into re-usable templates that can be shared across the firm. PSA Consulting, Sysero’s Nordic implementation partner, is implementing the firm-wide solution.  

    Sysero’s document automation workflow technology enables firms to automate any document-based process using a single application to mark-up document templates, create online forms and manage processes. Lawyers can complete documents by filling out dynamic, web-based forms created automatically from existing templates. Sysero also provides lawyers with the ability to automate documents and manage templates from within Microsoft Word.

    “We wanted to minimise the work interfaces that a lawyer needs to access in order to provide legal advice,” explained Christian Bendiksen, Partner, Brækhus. “Sysero will help us take our template management to the next level by enabling lawyers to create, automate, share and save documents from directly within Word. Over time, we expect to tap into more of Sysero’s potential as part of our strategic plan for technology implementation.”  

    Brækhus also has teamed up with PSA Consulting to integrate Sysero with the firm’s xLedger ERP system. Through this integration, Brækhus is able to pre-populate templates with key client and matter details, eliminating redundancy and ensuring accuracy.

    “The solution we’re putting into place at Brækhus will greatly improve productivity and collaboration,” said Martin Flatsetø, Director, PSA Consulting. “By building a great foundation for automation in the firm, Brækhus will soon be able to develop more tailored services to its clients and expand into new markets.”

    Phil Ayton, Director, Sysero added: “Brækhus is forward-thinking in its use of technology, and we’re very excited to be part of helping the firm unlock the benefits of automation.”



    SummaryInnovative Norwegian firm Brækhus selects Sysero and PSA Consulting to implement a firm-wide document automation solution.
    Resource TypePress Release
    Publish DateJan 2019
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