How Five Leading Firms are Improving Legal Operations with Workflow Automation
    Title*How Five Leading Firms are Improving Legal Operations with Workflow Automation
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    Digital transformation has come a long way within today’s legal providers. Once an industry notable for its resistance to change, the legal sector has embraced digital innovation to overcome widespread security, productivity and client service challenges. As legal organisations leverage more technology, they’re uncovering new opportunities to use workflow automation to redefine the way they work. 

    As a critical tool in improving productivity, workflow automation offers a solution to solving some of the biggest challenges facing the modern firm. According to PWC, the top priorities for law firm leaders are: improve the use of technology; standardise and centralise processes; and improve legal service delivery. So, it’s no surprise that more firms are embracing workflow automation to underpin legal operations and keep lawyers and staff working effectively.

    Here, we look at real-world examples of how leading firms around the world are using workflow automation to tackle their operational challenges and carve out a competitive advantage. 

    Castrén & Snellman: Streamlining Document Production

    As a full-service business law firm that advises Finnish and international clients in translation, dispute resolution and a wide-range of other specialised facets of business law, Castrén & Snellman (C&S) helps clients build sustainable success stories. 

    However, in the past few years the firm has built its own sustainable success story thanks in part to workflow automation. In 2016, the firm launched its Signe tool, which leverages Sysero’s Document Production Workflow to ease the workload of the firm’s lawyers, speed up the document production process and improve the quality of document drafts. Using Sysero’s intuitive Word-based automation tool and powerful workflow tools, C&S’s lawyers and legal tech trainees can easily automate and collaborate on the creation of documents. 

    By leveraging workflow automation, C&S has been able to create a more streamlined approach to document production, whilst simultaneously minimising the risk of human error and improving risk management through standardised processes.

    Vinge: Optimising Knowledge Across the Firm

    Vinge, a full-service business law firm and one of Sweden’s largest law firms, is another law firm leading the way in workflow automation adoption. 

    The firm’s custom VingeDox system uses Sysero’s workflow automation capabilities to improve document production, implement quality control and transform client service. Using VingeDox, lawyers can quickly and easily produce new documents directly from within Microsoft Word. Additionally, the ability to build document bundles using the information input into a single form helps lawyers save precious time and ensure quality by limiting the risk of human error. 

    iManage: Elevating the Partner Experience

    Headquartered in Chicago and with offices around the world, iManage is the leading provider of work product management solutions for law firms, and is a key player in bringing new, innovative technology to the partner experience. 

    The organisation relies on its ever-growing network of partners to deliver solutions to iManage’s expanding customer base. Today, iManage relies on three key portals, powered by Sysero’s workflow technology, to provide its partners with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need, when they need it: Partner Portal, Implementation Portal, and Cloud Service Portal. 

    Each portal leverages custom-built workflow automations to provide partners with on-demand service and support. While each portal operates in its own way, they all use custom workflows to surface relevant information, optimise knowledge sharing, and speed up implementation work. The innovative portals are a wonderful example of how law firms can better leverage workflows to improve their own client experience. 

    Wedlake Bell: Simplifying the Tech Stack

    Based in London, Wedlake Bell, like many other leading law firms, operates on a multi-practice group model, which requires a number of technology tools to manage effectively. However, over the years, Wedlake Bell has transformed much of its technology stack from a conglomerate of disparate systems to a streamlined, comprehensive and single solution from Sysero

    The firm has leveraged Sysero’s workflow automation tools to automate and streamline manual administration processes across the firm, including everything from document production and client intake to managing internal bookings and gathering firm-wide feedback. Currently, more than a dozen functions within the firm are powered by Sysero workflows. 

    Wikborg Rein: Onboarding New Clients

    Top-tier rated international law firm Wikborg Rein is a prime example of how modern law firms are using workflow automation to digitally onboard new clients and ensure compliance. Stockholm-based Wikborg Rein’s digital client intake solution leverages Sysero’s Know-Your-Client workflow to reduce acceptance time, improve quality and ensure new clients and matters meet regulatory requirements. 

    Developed in partnership with Sysero partner PSA Consulting, the firm’s system uses a built-in risk matrix to automatically assess new clients and cases against Money Laundering Act requirements, and automatically checks new client information against various public registers and information databases. Additionally, each client’s identity is authenticated via their unique Bank Identifier Code. 

    To register new clients and cases, Wikborg Rein simply captures information via an intuitive web interface and quickly verifies critical information. All of the necessary approvals are embedded into the workflow, and every step in the process is automatically documented for compliance. 

    Sysero for Process Improvement and Innovation

    Sysero’s workflow automation tools enable law firms to streamline various internal processes, such as document production, client intake, compliance, and knowledge management. We understand that every firm is unique - and so are our solutions. Sysero systems can be custom-built to meet the individual requirements of your firm. 

    To learn more and find out how we can help you transform your firm, get in touch with our team.  

    SummaryHere, we look at real-world examples of how leading firms around the world are using workflow automation to tackle their operational challenges and carve out a competitive advantage.
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