4 Ways Workflow Automation Improves Client Service
    Title*4 Ways Workflow Automation Improves Client Service
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    DetailPosted 22 September 2022

    When it comes to creating a competitive advantage in today’s legal market, superior client service can significantly elevate a law firm above the competition. In a time when there are plenty of legal options available and clients have come to expect efficiency, transparency, and innovation, law firms that are responsive, engaged, and tech-savvy will set themselves apart. 

    Running a client-centric firm in today’s world means adopting flexible working practices, agile internal processes, and a collaborative approach - all of which requires the right technology. Many firms are responding to these challenges by employing legal workflow automation. In fact, the 2021 Legal IT Landscapes Briefing report ranks process automation technologies as the third most important investment priority for law firms, not far behind the top priority of adopting agile working solutions. 

    Workflow automation empowers lawyers and staff to stay focused on their work, expedite service delivery, and spend more time advising their clients. Here are some of the top benefits that your firm can expect from tapping into workflow automation. 

    Let lawyers automate their own tasks

    Today’s clients want quick and quality service from their legal providers. With workflow automation, you can empower your lawyers and staff to create their own automated workflows, without the assistance of IT. No-code workflow solutions like Sysero put the task of application development into the hands of your lawyers and staff, so they can quickly, easily and accurately build custom applications to suit their unique requirements. 

    Using a visual, drag-and-drop editor, non-technical users can create new workflow applications to automate a number of tasks. For example, London-based law firm Wedlake Bell recently launched a no-code workflow to help their lawyers streamline the process of conducting supply chain legal checks. With the new solution, the firm’s lawyers can easily manage multiple supply chain audits simultaneously and automate the creation of supply chain inspection reports. 

    Get to work for clients quicker

    Today’s clients are accustomed to on-demand service, thanks to online services like Netflix, Amazon, and Uber. These expectations have seeped into their relationships with legal providers, and competitive firms will be able to deliver an efficient, yet high quality client experience. 

    Using workflow automation, your firm can streamline key business processes like client intake and onboarding, and get to work quicker for your clients. Digital client onboarding solutions can facilitate information-sharing with clients via online forms and automate key compliance checks, such as KYC. 

    Take for example, Wikborg Rein’s digital client intake solution, which provides users with an intuitive web interface where they can quickly register new clients and cases, ensure the necessary information is captured, and verify client data in accordance with current regulations. By using workflow automation to power its client intake process, Wikborg Rein can ensure it efficiently onboards clients and adheres to compliance regulations, all while demonstrating to clients its dedication to digital transformation. 

    Improve communication and collaboration

    These days, more professionals are working from home than ever before. The ability to work agilely and collaboratively has become the cornerstone of a competitive law firm. In fact, the 2021 Legal Trends Report found that firms that continue to see annual revenue increases are 41% more likely to use client portals to foster client collaboration. The same report also revealed that nearly 80% of clients see the ability to work remotely with a lawyer as an important factor in selecting one. 

    With workflow automation, your firm can build cloud-based solutions to foster productivity, collaboration, and deliver on-demand client service. Cloud-based workflow automation tools like Sysero give your firm the ability to provide remote-based lawyers, staff, and clients the ability to easily and securely collaborate on business-critical processes, such as contract management, client intake, and document generation. 

    By directly involving clients in key processes and enabling them to share their own information via online forms, your firm can reduce the risk of human error, ensure greater accuracy, and demonstrate compliance at every stage of the process. 

    Better secure your firm’s and client’s data

    With cybersecurity concerns on the rise, clients expect their legal providers to take the necessary steps to protect their data. Failure to do so can put the reputation of the most reputable firm at risk. 

    Fortunately, workflow automation solutions can help simplify data security and ensure data protection policies are being followed across the firm. By embedding data security best practices into everyday workflows, your firm can ensure its lawyers and staff are always obtaining, managing, and storing client data in accordance with your firm’s data protection policies. For example, Sysero’s workflow automation tools can be configured to immediately encrypt client data as it’s entered into a contact form or document field. This data can then be pseudonymized to further safeguard data and mitigate risk in case of a data breach. 

    The Answer to Legal Workflow Automation 

    Versatile, customisable, and easy to use, Sysero’s low-code and no-code workflow solutions offer your firm a proven way to employ workflow automation to enhance client service. Sysero’s workflow technology has all of the features required to power secure, compliant and efficient processes across your firm, including a digital forms designer, visual workflow builder, e-signing, and hybrid workflows. 

    To learn more about how Sysero can help your firm, get in touch with our team

    SummaryWorkflow automation empowers lawyers and staff to stay focused on their work, expedite service delivery, and spend more time advising their clients. Here are some of the top benefits that your firm can expect from tapping into workflow automation.
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