More Effective Template Management with Sysero and iManage Work 10
    Title*More Effective Template Management with Sysero and iManage Work 10
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    Posted 8 May 2023


    Modern law firms are defined by their collective expertise, experience, and ability to transform internal knowledge into actionable insights for their clients. It’s become crucial for law firms to be able to quickly and easily uncover knowledge from across the organization, all whilst working more productively. 

    That’s why more than 78% of Global 100 law firms rely on iManage, the leading provider of work product management solutions for professional services organisations, to help provide meaningful context around their internal knowledge, while upholding security and governance for data under their care. 

    Like many organisations around the world, iManage is evolving to better serve digital organisations and clients by moving to the cloud. With the introduction of Work 10, iManage has introduced a modern cloud-based client experience, enhanced security practices, and greater accessibility from nearly anywhere. 

    As more firms move to iManage Cloud, it’s becoming increasingly important to find ways to improve template management through iManage applications that adhere to iManage Cloud’s strict security and compliance standards. Fortunately, Sysero’s template management solutions offer iManage users an easy way to build, manage, and maintain templates through a seamless integration. 

    Sysero’s integrations extend the value of iManage in multiple ways and help provide the foundation for a more productive way of working. 

    Access Templates from Anywhere

    iManage Cloud’s mobile-first design makes it easy for users to work anywhere, and within a single user experience. Sysero’s template management solution takes this mobility one step further by enabling users to access their templates directly from their iManage accounts. Users can seamlessly create and save documents using easy-to-use online forms on any device using a single login. Sysero templates inherit iManage’s enhanced security settings, so you can be assured that your templates are secure and access is audited.

    Simple to Use Tools, Advanced Automation

    As a new client interface, iManage Work 10 no longer supports traditional template creation methods. With Sysero, subject matter experts can create templates without the need to understand programming or Word scripting. Sysero provides a user-friendly, low-code designer that can be used to produce both simple stylised templates for letters and memos through to the advanced automation of transactional documents - all without the need for extensive IT support. Completed documents can then be saved directly to an iManage Workspace or folder. 

    Easily Pull in Required Client Data

    With Sysero’s template management solution, templates can be configured to automatically pull in required client data from iManage, accounting, CRM or even external systems. The completed documents can then be used in a variety of processes from simple (or often not so simple) letter creation, through to more complex tasks such as invoice approval and client updated requests, and even highly complex workflow driven processes such as claims management and new client onboarding. Additionally, users can allocate and track work as documents progress through various workflows using Sysero’s dashboard facilities.

    Enhancing Knowledge Sharing with Workflows

    For firms looking to enhance productivity even further, Sysero’s workflow system can help firms unlock greater potential from their collective knowledge and more efficiently manage knowledge delivery. With Sysero’s workflow system, users can build, manage, and maintain critical process workflows related to cases, clients, and matters within iManage and help boost the productivity capabilities of iManage. 

    Ready to make the most of your firm’s iManage knowledge? Get in touch with our team to learn how Sysero can help you unlock better template management practices and boost productivity firm-wide. 

    SummarySysero’s integrations extend the value of iManage in multiple ways and help provide the foundation for a more productive way of working.
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    Created Date08/05/2023
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