Sysero Workflow System Recognised as iManage Universal Application
    Title*Sysero Workflow System Recognised as iManage Universal Application

    Ashford, Kent – 27 October 2022 - Sysero, a leading workflow automation provider, this month announced that it has been recognised as an iManage Universal Application. As an iManage technology partner, Sysero’s solutions both integrate and extend the value of iManage products to enable customers to progress their iManage journey.

    As an iManage Universal Application, Sysero’s Workflow System adds integrated workflow capabilities to iManage Work 10 in both on premises and on Cloud configurations. As of August 2022, more than 92,000 iManage users have moved to iManage Cloud, creating the need for iManage applications that adhere to iManage Cloud’s strict security and compliance standards.

    Using Sysero’s Workflow System, iManage users can build, manage, and maintain critical process workflows that integrate seamlessly with their iManage systems. Sysero’s visual workflow designer makes it easy for non-technical users to quickly create workflows, which can be integrated in three key ways:

    • Workflow enabling iManage documents: Users can select individual documents or entire folders and send them into Sysero workflows. Initially, the workflow can pull profile information from iManage with additional data integrated into the workflow from Accounting, CRM and even external systems. This creates a 365-degree view of the document, which can be used in processes such as invoice approval, responding to client information requests, claims management and new client onboarding. Additionally, Sysero’s dashboard facilities allow users to allocate and track work as documents progress through various workflows.

    • Template Management and Advanced Document Creation: As a new client interface, iManage Work 10 no longer supports traditional template creation methods. With Sysero, subject matter experts can create templates without the need to understand programming or Word scripting.  Sysero provides a user-friendly tool that can be used to produce both simple stylised templates for letters, memos etc, through to the advanced automation of transactional documents.

    • Pre-iManage Approvals Processes: In order to file documents into iManage, the correct Workspaces and folders need to be created.  In situations where this information has not been created, such as in new client intake/KYC, Sysero can be used to collect documentation and go through due diligence processes before being uploaded to iManage at the appropriate time.  The use of workflows also allows time critical processes to create reminders to in-house staff and external parties to prevent SLA’s becoming breached.

    The integration between Sysero and iManage adds a dynamic new environment that builds on the strengths of a world-class DMS.

    Phil Ayton, Director of Sysero, said: “Those in Professionals Services today are busier than ever, and we are excited to be able to enrich the iManage Work 10 platform with key workflow automation functionality that enables professionals to work in smarter way. With Sysero and iManage, firms now have the power to not only improve productivity, but also deliver a new level of service to their clients.”

    To learn more about Sysero’s integration with iManage, please visit Sysero’s iManage partner page or get in touch with our team.

    SummarySysero, a leading workflow automation provider, this month announced that it has been recognised as an iManage Universal Application.
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