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    We all need to create documents and whilst each document is unique, much of the content is often similar to previous documents.  An automated portal is a collection of web forms that capture information and provide choices to allow completed documents to be downloaded, printed and stored, or forwarded to other various for checking, amending and enhancing.   

    The portal has a library of templates with each template having a collection of optional clauses.  Subject matter experts manage the content allowing anyone to create near perfect documents simply by completing a form.

    To make document creation easier, each template can have detailed instructions before use, during each stage of completion, and even instructions on how to enter individual fields.

    To create an automated portal, first build a library of templates which would look a little like this.  Using a simple mark-up tool, Word documents are converted into automated templates.  The process can take from a few minutes to a few months depending on the complexity of the documents.  After some testing, firms can publish the documents to allow colleagues and clients to complete the documents.

    SummaryAn on-line resource to manage legal processes and create draft contracts. Click any of the images below to start using document automation.
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