Automating Client Acceptance to Mitigate Risk
    Title*Automating Client Acceptance to Mitigate Risk
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    Posted 11 May 2020


    In today’s highly competitive legal market and constantly changing regulatory environment, law firms must be able to thoroughly evaluate new business, quickly onboard new clients and ensure compliance at every step of the way. The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and EU Money Laundering Directives has made it imperative for firms to ensure new work meets strict regulatory requirements. While, at the same time, firms are also tasked with driving greater efficiency in the client acceptance process. 

    Fortunately, with new automation technologies and digitised client intake solutions, firms can overcome these challenges and implement solutions that not only speed up client intake, but also mitigate risk. 

    Challenges with Client Acceptance

    At many law firms, the client intake process still relies on manual and time-consuming processes, such as comparing and entering information across multiple systems. This not only creates lack of visibility, but also carries a higher risk of human error. Additionally, firms without integrated technology and automated workflows often rely on email to move the process along, creating the opportunity for key considerations to fall through the cracks. Not only does this expose firms to greater risk, but it also negatively impacts profitability as the firm can’t start work on a case until it’s been properly evaluated and accepted. 

    Ways Automation Improves Client Acceptance

    Reduces the risk of human error

    The more people you have involved in the client acceptance process, the more opportunities there are for error. Automating the process not only reduces the number of people involved, but also improves the reliability and quality of the information that’s collected and evaluated. Additionally, with an automated client intake solution, clients are directly involved in the process of providing and updating their information, reducing the risk of error. 

    Streamlines intake and evaluation

    Collecting client information and evaluating risk is often a laborious and time-intensive process. However, an automated client intake solution speeds up information gathering through the use of online questionnaires and can be configured to leverage a built-in risk matrix to automatically assess risk based on specified parameters. Any new work that falls outside of requirements then can be routed automatically to a simplified workflow for further assessment.

    Furthermore, client information can be shared across other internal systems, such as finance, case management and CRM, which results in considerable time savings and increased quality across all systems.

    Increases transparency and visibility

    With an automated intake process, law firms can automatically capture and document every step taken, producing a crucial timeline for compliance and quality checks. Rather than relying on a scattering of email, phone and in-person communications to evaluate a new client or matter, law firms can deploy standardised approval processes, ensuring accountability and transparency at every stage. 

    Ensures strict and ongoing compliance

    As more comprehensive compliance laws and regulations place greater strain on law firms, leveraging automation for client intake makes it easier for firms to ensure compliance. Digital client intake technologies, like Sysero, can be customised to suit the unique needs of the firm to ensure new work meets specific regulatory requirements or ethical considerations. 

    For example, top-tier law firm Wikborg Rein recently launched a client intake solution based on Sysero’s workflow platform that automatically checks client data against various public databases and authenticates their identity via a Bank Identifier Code. All of the client data is then stored in accordance with GDPR legislation. The new digital client intake solution provides Wikborg Rein with an intuitive web interface where they can easily register new clients and cases, while ensuring that the necessary information is collected and verified by client and data sources in accordance with current regulations. 


    An integrated and automated approach to client intake is well worth the effort and investment. Law firms with automated client acceptance solutions are able to accept more clients, quicker, and with reduced risk. And the sooner firms can onboard new clients, the sooner they can start billing hours and sending invoices. 

    To learn more about how Sysero’s workflow automation can improve your client intake process, get in touch with us


    SummaryIn today’s highly competitive legal market and constantly changing regulatory environment, law firms must be able to thoroughly evaluate new business, quickly onboard new clients and ensure compliance at every step of the way.
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