Embracing the Cloud: How Cloud-Based, No-Code Workflow Systems Excel in Template Management
    Title*Embracing the Cloud: How Cloud-Based, No-Code Workflow Systems Excel in Template Management
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    Posted 27 June 2023


    In the past 12 months, an unprecedented number of large law firms have migrated to iManage Cloud. As of August 2022, iManage reported an impressive 75,000 iManage Cloud users, a number that’s continued to grow over the past several months. As more firms move to iManage Cloud, it’s becoming increasingly important to find ways to improve template management.

    In today’s modern era, efficiency and agility are paramount, and template management plays a crucial role in helping firms streamline processes, drive consistency, and reduce errors. Traditionally, Word macros have been the go-to solution for template management, but with the advent of cloud-based no-code workflow systems, a new and superior approach has emerged.

    One firm that’s embraced this innovative new approach to template management is Mills & Reeve, one of the UK’s largest firms, who has partnered with Sysero to help ease the transition to iManage Cloud by re-engineering its iManage templates. Here, we look at the benefits that embracing a cloud-based no-code workflow can deliver to your firm. 

    Accessibility and Collaboration

    A significant advantage of cloud-based no-code workflow systems is accessibility. Unlike Word macros, which are often confined to individual computers, cloud-based systems enable users to access and manage templates from anywhere, at any time, using any device that’s connected to the internet. This accessibility encourages seamless collaboration among team members, irrespective of their physical location. Multiple stakeholders can simultaneously work on a template, make edits, add comments, or suggest improvements, resulting in faster and more efficient template management.

    Sysero’s template management solution takes this mobility one step further by enabling users to access their templates directly from their iManage accounts. Users can seamlessly create and save documents using easy-to-use online forms on any device using a single login. Sysero templates inherit iManage’s enhanced security settings, so you can be assured that your templates are secure and access is audited.

    Real-Time Updates and Version Control

    When it comes to template management, document version control is key to ensuring lawyers and staff are using the most relevant and recent templates. Fortunately, cloud-based systems offer real-time updates and version control - a functionality that traditional macro-enabled Word documents often lack. This ensures that all users have access to the most recent version of a template, and mitigates versioning issues, confusion and errors that can stem from relying on Word macros. 

    With cloud-based workflow systems, updates made to a template are instantly reflected across the platform, eliminating the risk of outdated or conflicting versions. This greatly simplifies template management, reduces the potential for error, and enhances overall productivity and efficiency.

    Simplified Maintenance and Updates

    Another significant benefit of cloud-based no-code systems is usability. While Word macros often require technical expertise and necessitate complex coding and troubleshooting, cloud-based no-code systems don’t require any programming or technical expertise. These intuitive systems operate on user-friendly interfaces that empower users to create and manage templates using simple drag-and-drop functionality, pre-built components, and easy customisation options. With these no-code systems, users can quickly and easily produce both simple stylised templates for letters and memos through to the advanced automation of transactional documents - all without the need for extensive IT support.

    Additionally, with a no-code system, any system updates or improvements are handled by the cloud service provider, which means users don’t have to carry the burden of maintaining and updating their macros. 

    Scalability and Integration

    Today’s modern firms are always evolving - and as firms grow and expand, the need for efficient template management exponentially increases. Cloud-based no-code systems are inherently scalable, enabling firms to easily adapt to the evolving needs of their businesses. 

    Unlike Word macros, which might require time-consuming modifications or recreations to accommodate new requirements, cloud-based systems offer flexibility and scalability. New templates can be created and integrated seamlessly into existing workflows, ensuring smooth operations and minimal disruption. For example, with Sysero’s template management solution, templates can be configured to automatically pull in required client data from iManage, accounting, CRM or even external systems. 

    Automation and Efficiency

    While Word macros provide basic automation capabilities, cloud-based no-code workflow systems take automation to a whole new level. These systems offer advanced workflow automation features, which allow users to create dynamic templates that incorporate conditional logic, data integration, and approval processes. 

    Users can configure templates to automatically populate fields with relevant data, which reduces manual data entry and the risk of human error. Additionally, automated notifications and reminders can be set to help streamline approval workflows, ensure templates move swiftly through the process, ultimately saving time and driving efficiencies. 


    In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, cloud-based no-code workflow systems have revolutionised template management, surpassing the limitations of traditional Word macros. With enhanced accessibility, real-time updates, simplified maintenance, scalability, and advanced automation capabilities, these systems empower firms  to optimise their workflows, boost productivity, and ensure consistency across templates. 

    As organisations strive for greater efficiency and collaboration, embracing cloud-based no-code workflow systems is a logical and beneficial choice for effective template management in the modern era. To learn more, please get in touch with our team


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