An Automated Approach to Knowledge Management

Knowledge and expertise is at the core of every law firm's business activities. Sysero makes it easy to integrate your firm's unique expertise into core business activities and transactions through an automated approach to knowledge management. Drive productivity, reduce risk and deliver client innovation by making your knowledge capital accessible, agile and adaptable through automation.


Enable lawyers to easily access, search and employ the resources, know-how and templates they need, when they need it.


Power faster turnaround, increased responsiveness and accuracy through improved knowledge workflow efficiencies.


Foster intelligent knowledge sharing and delivery with technology and processes that easily adapt to your firm’s unique and evolving needs.

Client Success Story
See how Castrén & Snellman is Transforming the Nordic Legal Environment
Finland's oldest law firm implements innovative automation system

Key Features


Our easy-to-use interface makes searching, publishing and automating as simple as possible.  Turns automation tasks into a breeze.

Fully Customizable

We know that every firm is different – that’s why our solution is fully customizable. We partner with you to develop tailored solutions to your unique challenges and needs.

Multi-Language Support

Feel at ease handling and managing documents and templates in multiple languages with our advanced multi-language support.

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