Knowledge Management Workflows

Maintain the quality of your organisation’s shared knowledge with customisable workflows

Capture, Maintain and Share Knowledge

Knowledge is at the heart of every law firm and Sysero ensures your knowledge stays relevant using customisable Knowledge Management workflows. With Sysero, you can easily create an automated framework for capturing, managing and sharing knowledge across the firm.

Ensure Quality Knowledge

Using automated workflows, you can easily ensure the quality of know-how within your organisation using gatekeeper, escalation and review workflows. As new knowledge is captured, it can be routed through a quality control workflow. Unlike traditional knowledge databases, quality control workflows allow content creators to work with content managers to publish new know-how using a series of gatekeepers. Using our unique Pending Process, previously approved content can be updated and checked before overwriting existing content. Several types of workflows can be used: Review Workflows, Single Gatekeeper Workflows, Variable Gatekeeper Workflows, and Escalation Workflows.

Review Workflow

Review workflows can be used to identify content that needs to be checked periodically. Where a review workflow is used, last and next reviewed date metadata is required. Review periods can be set to automatically start the review workflow 12, 18 or 24 months from the published date. Review workflows can automatically send prompts to authors and gatekeepers on the review date and/or out of date content can be identified in a report.

Single Gatekeeper Workflow

When uploading content using Sysero for Microsoft Office, or via the web interface, new items marked as pending send notifications via email to the one or more people defined as Gatekeepers. The Gatekeepers can sanitise and stylise the content before accepting it, or send a re-work or rejection notice to the author.

Variable Gatekeeper Workflow

The variable gatekeeper workflow builds on the previous workflow by allocating the Gatekeeper depending on the metadata. The most common example is to route content to specific Gatekeepers depending on the author's department. Whilst content can be filed under multiple departments, this workflow identifies a Primary Department.

Escalation Workflow

This allows the Gatekeeper to route specific content to a colleague or manager for further evaluation. In this workflow, the manager gets added to the Gatekeeper role for the specific item.

Sysero is one of the legal world's best knowledge management systems.

Kate Buttrey, Head of Knowledge Management

Key Features

Searching Full-text and metadata searching using keywords, phrases and Boolean searching. Searches can be saved for each user and users can access custom content lists from the Word Ribbon
Storing & Indexing All MS Office file types and PDF’s. Automatically OCR’s PDF images
Previewing All MS Office file types and PDF’s
Metadata fields Unlimited text, number, date, choice and taxonomy fields
Taxonomy maximum depth Any modern web browser (tested on IE 11 and Chrome) and MS Office 2010 and above
Security and Access Libraries can allow anonymous access or be secured to registered users. Documents can be secured to Sites and Roles
Audit & reporting All user access is recorded and can be included in reports including: New Items, Searches, Updated Items, Uploaded Documents, Downloaded Documents, Item Views and deletions
Field options Name in multiple languages, width, mandatory, contains personal data, read-only, hidden by role, remembers last entry by user, exportable in reports, insert into document properties, show in search results, show as refiner and sortable (choices only), help text, optional visibility, number of lines, format, default text, min and max length/value, encrypted, validated, position on form
Software Integration Integration’s have been developed with iManage, NetDocs, HighQ and Office 365. Support provided for custom integration via OAuth, JSON, REST, XML and SQL
Workflow Each library can have multiple workflows designed with the Sysero Business Process Designer
Deep Linking Support Pages and forms in Sysero can be added to websites and emails as regular Internet links
Single Sign On support On-site and Cloud based installations support SSO via AD/AzureAD/LDAP and oAuth

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