Client Workflow Portals

Capture and route client information via online forms and automated workflows

A Better Way to Work with Clients

If you’re looking for a more streamlined way to work with clients, Client Workflow Portals can greatly increase productivity and work quality. Client Workflow Portals enable non-technical users to design online forms to capture information directly from clients, allowing for transactions to be started at any time and routed to appropriate personnel, allowing them to be completed faster and in a more controlled environment.

With Client Workflow Portals, you can quickly route information to relevant staff, and even create customised documents using the data. The result is greater productivity, flexibility and transparency for both your firm and your clients.

Easily Initiate Transactions

Sysero’s Client Workflow Portals present your clients with a clean, dashboard-type interface that includes information panels that describe each transaction, allowing clients to start new transactions, collect compliance information or provide access to basic legal documents. Clients select the appropriate workflow and then complete a guided online questionnaire, which automatically tailors questions based on the client’s previous answers. The information from the form can then be used to create tailored sets of documents to be routed back to your firm to produce the transactional documents or document bundles.

Customisable Workflows to Suit your Requirements

Unlike collaboration portals, Sysero’s Client Workflow Portals use customisable workflows to enable you to deliver transaction-specific documents and make them immediately available to clients through a branded portal.

Your clients can log into your firm’s portal and be provided with a customisable list of workflows designed for them, accessible from any device. On completion of the data capture process, the workflow can email a link to the information entered by the client to the appropriate person in your organisation and a pack of customised documents is available for instant use.

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