Visual Workflow Builder

Create workflows with an easy-to-use visual designer

Build no-code/low-code workflows in real-time

Sysero provides a workflow visualisation tool that creates actual, running workflows. Drag and drop decisions and actions onto the design canvas to map business processes. Use the integrated forms to capture information from users and use this to route via emails, on-screen notifications and Sysero’s in built to-do list.

Where integration is needed with other systems, coders can create blocks of functionality that can be used by non-technical staff to design decision-based workflows that pass information from one system to another.

Flowchart-Based Workflows

We’ve made it easier than ever to build automated workflows and streamline time-consuming processes across your organisation. Our visual flowchart-based workflow builder lets you create new workflows using drag and drop process stages and requires no knowledge of coding.

With an intuitive user interface and easy-to-use workflow features, Sysero’s Visual Workflow Builder simplifies the process of creating workflows and allows end users to visualise their workflow from start to finish.

Compliance built-in

Workflows are all about making businesses run smoother. Workflows can capture the information required to make decisions and record the date and time decisions were made. This provides effective risk management and better customer service leading to improved marketability and competitive advantage.

Using workflows when working with clients and suppliers can lead to increased success in tenders and panel reviews, decrease transaction time and increase profitability.

Key Features

Easy to use Drag and drop to add new steps into the designer, click and drag to link your workflow steps together
Instant deployment Once a workflow has been designed it can be used immediately
Forms Use data entered by users in the form to drive your workflow
People and Roles Workflow steps can be assigned to email addresses (external notifications), groups of Registered Users or Roles
Actions Actions include: stages, email notifications, pop-up and full screen alerts, forms navigation, e-signatures, automated and non-automated documents
Decisions Decisions drive your workflow by using data entered on the form
Uploading Documents Workflows support an unlimited number of documents that can be attached to each running workflow. Uploaded documents are full text indexed (and OCR’d if necessary)
Data Libraries When a workflow is run the data is saved in a Sysero library which supports all the features of the Knowledge Library
Automating Documents A workflow can produce an unlimited number of documents automatically
Pending Versions Edits to workflows can be staged to allow testing before final deployment if needed
Document Packs Add documents to an existing automation to share fields and data across documents

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